Days 08-10: Wedding Weekend

My sister-in-law got married on Saturday so it's been quite a busy weekend starting with Friday's rehearsal dinner and ending with yesterday's recovery.

I'll take it easy on the recap of the weekend and just summarize it all with a few trips to the wedding reception photo booth.


Day 07: Make Way for the S-O-T!

There have been times over the past fifteen years when I've considered a career change -- but then late May / early June rolls around and those thoughts go away in a hurry. Don't get me wrong, I love my job ... I do.

But I really love summer break.

There is nothing like the feeling of closing my office door for the last time for two entire months, disabling my daily alarm clock, and trading in my shoes for flip-flops.

. . .

I wrapped up my responsibilities at work by mid-morning and hit the road. I hadn't eaten breakfast and had a few errands to run before picking up the kids from my in-law's. Luck was on my side as I got to Taco Bell just before their breakfast menu shut down for the day.

Now I realize that most people either love Taco Bell or they hate it -- but if you fall in line with the haters and you've never eaten a Taco Bell breakfast, your opinion is temporarily void. As a guy who could eat breakfast foods at every meal for the rest of his life, I was mesmerized by Taco Bell's A.M. Crunch Wraps when they were first introduced. It was everything I love about breakfast -- bacon, hash browns, cheese, eggs -- all smashed into a tortilla.

And it is uh-may-zing.

So I scarfed down a stomach full of awesome and headed out with my cup of coffee and a sack full of Diablo sauce for good measure.

. . .

I took care of my errands and quickly realized I was in the neighborhood of two of my favorite stores -- Goodwill and Friar Tuck.

I now had two more errands to run.

It's been a while since I've had what I'd consider a successful trip to Goodwill but today paid off to the tune of about five bucks. For some reason, the two Goodwill stores in my area quit selling most toys a few years ago so I was pleasantly surprised when I found this guy for three bucks.

Despite the fact that it was dirty and had Play-Doh packed into the track on top, I'm a sucker for anything related to classic Fisher Price Little People. This late 70s Lift and Load Depot came home with me and cleaned up nicely after a quick dismantling and cleaning.


I also grabbed a Cracker CD I was surprised I didn't have and a copy of the Karate Kid Part III book which I did have already.

Why did I buy another copy of the book? Well, this one was bigger and has a different cover.

I had to.

. . .

Then it was off to Friar Tuck -- the liquor store the size of a small grocery store. You may recall that last year I toasted the end of the school year with a bottle of Yeastie Boys. This year, I found the perfect drink to start off my summer. More on that in a minute.

First, what I didn't buy. I saw these on an end-cap and (although quite intrigued) couldn't pull the trigger.

. . .

It rained pretty hard here this morning. I've learned many things from my dad throughout my life and one of those things is this...

When you're driving and you see a puddle -- especially a big one -- unless there is a person in the way who will get soaked, even if you have to go out of your way to do so, drive through it at top speed.

This is what I do. My kids think it's awesome.

. . .

So here we go. Work is done and the Summer of Tim is in full effect!

Make way. Make way for the S-O-T!!

I think I'll put on some Kanye.

Day 06: RIP Underwear, Superhero Girl Notebook

The underwear is gone.

I repeat...

The. Underwear. Is. Gone.

My neighbor decided to till his ditch for whatever reason and apparently felt that his tiller needed to show the old pair of briefs who was boss. With a few tiny pieces of chewed-up fabric remaining on the edge of the road, ready to wash back into the ditch with the next significant rainfall, the majority of the Fruit-of-the-Looms are now one with the earth.

Ashes to ashes.

. . .

Not gonna lie. I spent almost four hours today sitting in the recliner watching the Cubs beat the Cardinals.

I regret nothing.

. . .

A teacher in my building cleaned out their classroom today and had a huge stack of spiral notebooks to share. I brought home several in hopes of deterring the kids from constantly taking paper from the printer.

Anna has used one of hers to start a pretty awesome "Superhero/Villain Girl Book" (her actual title written on the cover in Sharpie).

. . .

Wrapping up the evening...

Have you ever tried to bathe a feral cat? Neither have I. But I can only imagine that it would be slightly easier than getting our three kids to successfully and cooperatively take a shower or bath.

Blood pressure: high.

Kids: clean.

Day 05: Field Day and Water Guns

Today was the last day for students and all second graders spent a few hours at the high school for their Field Day activities. With Charlotte in my building, I did take a few pictures of her playing with her friends -- but even better was standing in the distance and watching her in her kid element. Much like the narrator of a National Geographic special observing quietly from afar, it was fun to watch her when she didn't realize I was still there.

I love watching my kids be kids.

With it being the last day of school -- and the day dismissing about an hour early -- the girls' bus driver planned ahead for the kids on her bus and another bus to meet at a nearby park before they were dropped off at home for the final time this year.

You might think the kids would be eager to get home and have their summer vacation officially underway.


Not when a massive water gun fight is involved!

With these two armed and dangerous, it goes without saying that I was "accidentally" caught in the crossfire a few times.


With students done for the year, only two more easy days of work for me, folks.

And then this...

Day 04: Crayons, Scrap Wood, Irritable Buttons

The high point of a long and irritatingly boring day at work took place within the first few minutes of the morning.

My two school-age kids are able to get on and off the bus outside the high school where I work which saves us (and other teachers with kids) the trouble of finding 30 minutes of before/after school care each day. During the time the girls have spent with me on either end of their school days this year, they've done their share of art work which continually piles up on my side table.

I wish part of my job evaluation was based on how many Crayons I've picked up off my office floor this year. I'd be the best school counselor in history.

Anyway, as I sorted through the pages and pages of artwork and determined which were keepers and which were destined for the garbage, I came across this keeper...

This day had promise.

Heading home for lunch though, I remembered that I had recently agreed to take some "scrap wood" off the hands of a family friend -- thinking maybe some 2x4s or a handful of unused deck boards. If there was any junk in the mix, I figured I'd just throw it in the fire pit and burn off whatever I couldn't use. Well, the wood showed up in my driveway today and I quickly realized that "scrap wood" apparently meant just that -- scrap wood.



I agreed to take this garbage though -- sight unseen -- so apparently I'll be spending one of the early days in the Summer of Tim occupied with some backyard burning.

Bring your marshmallows.

After school, the kids played soccer for a bit in the backyard.

This was fun for a while but went downhill quickly when it came time to clean up. Balking and compaining every step of the way, they did a great job of pushing every one of my irritable buttons. By the time Amy got home, I was just about at the end of my rope.


Cubs and Cards are on.

And at least there was this tonight which cracked me up a little bit.